Monday, January 16, 2012

Another Mountain GONE!!!

This has been an amazing journey so far. God keeps revealing more to me every day. I am excited to be in the word of God in the morning. I am excited to hear what he has to say to me through my devotions. I am excited that God puts things on my heart to pray for. I am excited about what God is doing in my life and in those around me. God answers prayer!!

This weekend my wife didn't just put the divorce on hold, she wiped it off of the face of the earth. There is no more divorce. That is a mountain that God crumbled and moved out of the way. We still have some hurtles to cross, but God did it!! I am so ready to continue this journey with my wife. God has really impressed on me that he has something amazing in store for us. My devotions have been all about following the Lords will for my life and our marriage. I have been reading about Joshua in the Bible and how God told him, promised him, and because of his obediance, protected and blessed him. This is what I am seeing come true in my life and in my marriage.

I was reading in my Fireproof book today how important it is to pray for your spouse. I cannot stress enough the importance of this. This will pay dividends in a marriage. My wife and I are discovering this every day. We cannot change our spouses. There is just absolutely no way for husbands or wives to do this. The only way to change a spouse for the better is to get on your knees in prayer and ask God to change them. Now I want to make very clear that God will change a spouse according to his will not ours. We cannot ask God to change them in a way for our own selfishness. For example, "God Jane does not serve me on hand and foot. Can you please help her to realize that is what she needs to do?" You get what I am saying? God is only interested in making marriages better. So I guess here is an example of what I am saying. "God, I love this woman with all of my heart and I so want to have a loving marriage with her. Please change her heart to accept everything about me and love me unconditionally. God please change me so that I see her through your eyes and not my own. God help us to realize your will for our marriage"  God can change a marriage. As I said before, I talked to my wife in some pretty horrible ways. Because of the way I treated her, she had every right to think that I didn't love her or want to be in our marriage. But people prayed and God changed it.

Take it from me, we don't always need to hit rock bottom like I did to realize what you have in your spouse. God can show you ONLY if you allow him too. Hitting rock bottom is no fun and there are always consequences because of it. It is never too late for your marriage. God can turn something ugly into something beautifully amazing!! I am learning this every day I wake up next to my wife.

OK so what to pray for. Pray for my wife. She has some fears which I completely understand. Those fears are causing her some anxiety. Pray for me that I will continue to listen to his voice as he leads me in his will. Pray for our kids, the dynamic is changing, but still lots of work to be done there. My wife and I will be trying something different again this week. We are hoping that the Lord will make his will known in this situation. I will explain later on this one.

Father you are an awesome God to me. I thank you Lord for moving mountains. I thank you Lord for protecting us when are surrounded on all sides. I thank you Lord for revealing your Love for us and how it can change us and also those around us.