Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Elbow room for God...

One of the constant things that I have said through this blog is that I was in a constant state of prayer through all of this. To this day I still find myself praying. But... my prayers have changed in nature. I have gone from asking God to help with all the anxiety I was feeling, my fears, my worries, and the thoughts that would give me those moods to asking God to help my wife when she is having a tough day, praying for my kids, praying for my family, and others as well. Through all of this I have learned what it means to pray. I have learned how much prayer changes a situation whether over time or right then and there.

Luke 18:27 An he said the things which are impossible with men are possible with God.

When we pray, we should keep this verse in mind. No matter how impossible in our eyes something is, God can make anything possible. For my wife and I, God made a lot of things possible that very early on in this journey seemed impossible. If you look at yesterdays blog and the "prayer report" of sorts you will see how God answered prayer.

I know there are marriages out there that are failing for a few reasons. Folks it can't get much worse than our situation. I have had some people say to us that they want to be in their marriages where my wife and I are now. Some of them are readers of this blog. My answer to them is you have to give the impossible to God and trust that he will make it possible according to his will. God can change husbands, God can change wives, and God will do it. I can tell you first hand that God's timing is everything. That situation that we were in didn't change over night. But God had the plan laid out. All that was required of my wife and I was to be obedient to God's will.  Yes we had to do a lot of changing and you have to be willing to let God change you. We had to let God change us first before he could start changing our marriage. Yes we had to do a lot of being still and waiting on the Lord. Was it easy? HECK NO!! The only way things will get accomplished is to pray, be still, and then listen. Trust me your spiritual life, your marriage, and your family are worth it.

Ok so what to pray for. Pray for continued peace in our house. Pray that the enemy will be distracted and destroyed. Pray that as my wife and I grow closer to God, that we will grow closer to each other. Continue to pray for our kids. Things have changed in the house for the better. Pray for new opportunities for my wife and her job.

Father thank you for prayer. Thank you for allowing us to come to you any time in our life whether it be good, bad, or when we are sad. Thank you for answered prayer. Thank you for your will for our lives and your blessings because of it.