Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I leaned and didn't fall....

Never start the day without praying for and with your spouse. It can really set the tone for the day on both accounts. I learned that this morning. There was a bit of frustration in the house that had spilled over from last night. Our oldest son who continues to suffer adjustment pains to the new positive loving home. Last night no matter how much it hurt, the answer was no and we were not changing our mind. The issue? Well before we would do anything and everything to pacify him just to gain a few minutes of peace. In the long run that strategy hurt us more than it has helped. So when you try to show love through discipline, it can be painful through the growing pains of that. But I know it will pay off down the road when he understands how much we love him and want the best from him.

Typically a little spat like this with one of our kids would have worked to their advantage. They had learned to master the divide and conquer technique. So when something like this happened, the kids got what they wanted and my wife and I ended up divided on the issue. Last nights spat was over a snack. We said no and we meant no. Now please don't think that we starve our kids, but there is a time and place for snacks. In dealing with our son, out of whatever it was, he said something to me trying to hurt me and he accomplished it. I let him know how he had hurt daddy and that Jesus had forgiven me and he needed to as well. With that, our son realized that he had pushed past the place that he should not have gone. He apologized and I walked out. I cried and immediately ended up on my knees asking the Lord on how to handle this. It is amazing that my heart swelled up with this love for my son. The Lord pointed out to me that I needed to show him love and forgiveness. The same love and forgiveness that he showed me on the cross and at the beginning of this journey. It is amazing how yesterday's scripture (Matthew 25:31-46 ) was relevant the whole day yesterday. I forgave my son and in doing so I went back into each of my kids rooms and prayed for each of them. The last one I prayed for was my oldest son. He was already asleep so I laid my hands on him and just asked the Lord to touch him and to heal him of his issues. My son woke up this morning to a letter from daddy telling him how much I loved him and how I know God will do something amazing with his life.

Previously in situations like this I would have erupted in a firestorm of words and been very upset. That was when my heart was hardened by sin. God has replaced that old broken heart with a new heart soft and filled with love. I immediately leaned on God for help, wisdom, and guidance. The song came to mind that my mom first sang as a special at church when she found out she had cancer.

Learning to Lean

I'm learning to lean, learning to lean
Learning to lean on Jesus
Finding more power than I'd ever dreamed
I'm learning to lean on Jesus

The joy I can't explain, fills my soul
Since the day I made Jesus my King
His blessed Holy Spirit is leading my way
He's teaching and I'm learning to lean

Sometimes we can be like the man who said;
My life is full now, I have everything!"
But there is a strong rock in Jesus, my Lord
Through my trials I've been learning to lean

Sad, broken hearted, so often I've knelt
And I've found God's peace so serene
And all that He asks, is a child-like trust
And a heart that is learning to lean

There's glorious victory each day now for me
I've found His peace so serene
He helps me with each task, if only I'll ask
Every day now, I'm learning to lean

God definitely used this as a reminder how things can change when we learn to lean on him. Things are changing in the house and will continue too just as long as we continue to lean on Jesus for everything. I can't praise the Lord enough, loud enough or long enough for what he has done in our marriage and in our house. The answer to prayer here you may ask? My wife and I walked through last night together, not divided, not upset, but even more determined to walk with Jesus by our side. The Lord is in control of our house, he is the center, and satan doesn't like it. When I am tempted, when I am tried, when I face the mountains that come my way, I will lean on my God. God will always make beauty from ashes and use it for his purpose. Praise the Lord!!

OK so what to pray for. Continue to pray for our court date next week. We need God to answer prayer. Pray for our kids. As see today, God is still working. Pray for our marriage, that we continue to lean on Jesus. Pray for our decision that we need to make concerning change.

Father thank you for allowing me to lean on you through the tough times. Thank you Lord for teaching me to know that you are in control. Thank you father for taking something that was bad before and turning it into something amazingly beautiful.