Monday, January 2, 2012

Thankful for...

Tonight as I sit here and think about going to bed, I am thankful for a few things that happened today. I had a very positive day today. I started off my day by being woke up at 8:18 AM feeling the urge to pray for my wife. So I did. I then just stayed awake and started my devotions and scripture readings and extra prayer time. Through this I am always finding myself constantly praying. But today's prayer time was new to me, as it was happening while I was reading scripture. I was finding that a lot of what I was reading was applying to my life and that I needed to ask God to help me or give the things I was reading about. My devotional scripture was Heb. 11:8. This verse talks about trusting God in times of the unknown. I gotta tell ya, I have no idea what the future holds right now and I DO need to trust our heavenly father that he knows exactly what he is doing. So it was like God saying to me, "Don't question, just do as I say and don't worry." Easier said than done, but God sure seems to be driving home the point that I need to trust in him. So I will, even if I have to give those worries to God constantly through the day. God is teaching me so much through this.

Tonight I went to see my counselor. I handed her a list of all my accounts, including all my email accounts, facebook account, and my pin to my phone. This has been a stickler that the old guy hid from my wife. But I want my counselor to know I am serious about winning my wife back. I also handed her a letter that I had written to my wife. Now... I am well aware that these to things cannot be given directly to my wife, but I am hoping and praying that on Wednesday that the opportunity will present itself so that these two things are handed to my wife. If it is not the Lord's will, then so be it and I am fully willing to accept that. But it is sure how I will be praying for the next couple of days.

I really think today has been a teaching day. God has shown me how to be patient. God has put the right people in my life at the right time. Maybe they have always been there and I was just so blinded by sin and shame that I couldn't see them. My counselor says sin makes us stupid and boy I have been REALLY stupid. But these men are incredible men of God and great friends to me. Today they have been my rock and have listened to me talk. I am thankful also for my aunt, I feel the wisdom she gave me last night has really gotten me through this day pretty well.

Tomorrow is my first day back at work in almost two weeks. I am looking forward to a productive day. Hopefully it will help keep my mind off of things. I look forward to see what the scriptures have in store for me tomorrow and the promise that God might give me. So remember to pray specifically for the opportunity to present the letter and account information to my wife during her therapy on Wednesday.

I want what the Lord wants, he has provided and will continue to do so.