Thursday, January 19, 2012

Time to reflect....

I think it is always good no matter where you are in life to review where you have come from. Sometimes you just need a reminder or sometimes you just want to reflect on your life. Well today I am doing that.

A week ago yesterday I was just exiting the court house with a smile on my face that God had answered prayer. As I got into the car and drove off I shouted to God with my praises and thank yous for how he had answered prayer. I was just in amazement of how God in all of his wisdom had answered prayer in his timing. More and more my wife is starting to reveal to me what she was feeling that day. My wife was feeling fear, doubt, anxiety, and scared of the unknown. I have revealed to her what I was feeling that day. I was nervous, I was scared about what decision she was going to make. We both were on edge that day. Even when those moments still come, God in all his wisdom keeps assuring us that we don't have to worry about the unknown as long as we stay in his will.

I am truly amazed what God has done in one week for our marriage. God has truly been our rock and has answered prayer in so many ways. God has revealed so much to us through this journey. God is not even close to being finished with us. I often go back and read the blog post that I wrote from last week on. I also go back and read the posts from the very beginning. Knowing what I know now, God had a hand in everything that happened. Even the little details God took care of because he knew what needed to happen. I look at the people that God put in place at the right times and he still continues to do so.

The openness and honesty that I am able to share with my wife about everything has been amazing. This aspect as well as others continue to strengthen. The fears of being scared to tell her things are gone. God has opened up my heart to her. This week she has been my rock a couple of times.This week I took a bitter tone on something we were facing. She was quick to remind me of who was in charge of that. Just today, I got discouraged and I called her. She lifted me up and encouraged me. This is something that we both have wanted from each other for so long. Now that God is in the mix it happens daily.

This week has been amazing. I know there are still mountains that we will run into. As long as God is in charge, he will move them out of the way. I am truly thankful and praise God for what he has done. I praise him for what he continues to do. God is good!!

So today I will just ask you to pray for us as we continue this journey. We have some decisions to make in the next couple of weeks. Pray that God would give us wisdom. We are also waiting on God to give us the wisdom on some long term goals and plans.

Thank you father for reflection. Not only the reflection of our lives, but the reflection we give off when you are truly living in us.