Thursday, January 12, 2012

Where do I start???

Friends what an incredible day yesterday!! I know usually I post at the end of my night, but do to some welcomed circumstances, I was not able to post last night. So here it goes.

Yesterday was a day that I will never forget. I saw the love of God come through my wife. I reference this scripture: Isaiah: 43:25 I, even I, am he who blots out your transgressions, for my own sake, and remembers your sin no more. My wife who loves me like our heavenly father does unconditionally, forgave me last night. God worked a lot of ways yesterday. She went above and beyond to extend to me mercy and grace. My prayers that his presence be felt in the court room and in that court house were answered. The prayer that I would get to talk to my wife was answered and it was answered far beyond I could ever ask. The prayer that we will be in the center of the Lords will is starting to be answered. The prayers for healing are starting be answered. All the things about this marriage that I have been praying for are happening. The promises that God made to me and I shared with all of you, God made good on them. I am hear to tell you, God has taught me so much and when we wait on the Lord his blessings and goodness are plenty. I got to see our kids last night and what a great moment that was. They were waiting for me when I walked in the door to our house. I will show them a daddy who loves them, who is patient with them and who is united with their mommy.  I am so excited about this new chance God has given us. I praise the Lord for that!!

My wife and I have decided TOGETHER that our marriage needs to be according to God's will. We stayed up last night talking and haven't slept since the previous day. I gotta tell you all that it felt so good to be honest and not have to lie anymore. We talked, we laughed, we cried together. The fact of the matter is I love her and she loves me and we want our family to be amazing. We both know it can be, and we will be seeking the God's will on how to do that together. We will be going to counseling together and apart. We are committed to God's will for our lives, family, and marriage. We both know that there will be highs and lows and middles. But we are certain by seeking the father first, that this will impact the ups and downs and will keep the effects of them minimal.

So there will be some changes in how this blog will work. There is a comment section for you all to leave comments if you like.  I ask that you keep them positive. Negative comments will be deleted. There is also an email thingy you can fill out so you are updated when the blog is updated. Second, my wife will now be writing on this blog as well. We will be taking turns. I want you all to see where my wife is coming from and her journey with me. Maybe there will be an occasional guest as well.

What to pray for? Pray that we will continue to strengthen our marriage according to God's will. Pray for our kids as we start to mold them and change the dynamic in the house from a negative one to a positive one. Pray that they soon forget the old and embrace the new. Pray for continued support from our family and friends. There are still some legal hoops we have to jump through, so pray that the Lord will take care of those as well.

Father thank you for forgiveness, not just from you, but the ones here on earth that love us too. Thank you for your love and how it penetrates our hearts and changes us from the inside out. Thank you for restoration and continued grace and mercy. Thank you lord for answered prayer.