Thursday, February 16, 2012

I didn;t know...

I started this morning out hopeful pretty much as I always do. I always hope for the best and see what the morning, afternoon, and evening will bring. Sometimes all three are best and sometimes not so much. This morning on the way to work I was listening to Adrian Rogers as I always do. That part my morning completed and I turned off the radio as normal and focused on my morning prayer time. But... this morning was different. If you remember a few blogs back, actually very early in this blog I talked about how I was praying and just didn't know how to pray or what to pray. Well... this mornings prayer time was sort of like that, but in a completely different way. I felt the presence of the Lord so strong this morning that it made me speechless. I didn't know how to pray, I didn't know what to think, and every time I started out to pray the words just wouldn't come. I would try to start and just sigh. I was so over come by God's presence in my car. I am reminded of Matthew 6:8.

Matthew 6:8
Don't be like them, for your Father knows exactly what you need even before you ask him!

So what is one to do when this happens. I sat and listened. What else could I do. God had pretty much made me speechless. So I just listened for his still small voice. Lately I have been focusing my prayers on God's will for our lives. Just asking God to make his will known. I think today was a good start. I learned that when God wants to talk and he makes himself known, I should just stop thinking and talking. So I did. God already knew what I was going to pray. God knew my thoughts even before they came out of my mouth. Well in this case, my prayer I feel today was not all that much. I spent most of the time in tears enjoying the Lord.

So many times in this journey I found myself with thoughts racing ahead of God. What was my wife thinking? What was she doing? What was she going to do about this whole situation? Would she take me back one last time? Would she even forgive me? I was constantly theorizing about what was going to happen. God would stop me dead in my tracks and give me a verse from a friend, or give me a song with just the right words. Or speak to me through my devotions and scripture readings. What was great about today is that I am not in that place anymore. God answered all those thoughts that I had. God did so with answered prayer. Today was a day to listen and enjoy the closeness that I felt with God. I am glad that I listened in the very beginning, but so much thankful for today because my worries are few these days. I faith is much and to be able to just sit and feel the presence of the Lord was amazing. I have learned as long as we wait on the Lord, peace will come. There is peace in my life, my marriage, and my family all because I stopped to listen.

OK so what to pray for. Pray for our kids. Pray that God would make his will known. Pray for my wife, her job is really stressful.

Father thank you for your presence in my life. Thank you for taking my thoughts and allowing me to just listen to you and enjoy your presence.