Monday, March 5, 2012

A gut feeling...

This weekend I had the bright idea of going to look at dogs just for the fun of it with our family. Well... I had forgotten how much of a sucker I am for cute little dogs. Soooo long story short we now have one more member to our family. What is the point you may ask? Read below....

Sometimes you go on a gut feeling and Saturday that is exactly what I did. I am aware of the implications in hearing three kids say that they will help take care of the dog. Mommy and Daddy giving the "this is a lot of responsibility taking care of this cute little furry guy" speech. I knew full well that my wife and I would be taking the duties of making sure the little guy knows to go potty outside. I mean heck, we trained three kids how to go to the bathroom, how much harder could a dog be. Well... the difference being is my kids were wearing diapers and over time you can tell when they need to go, and you set them on the toilet. Learning that a dog could just squat any time, is a whole different ball game. Needless to say we bought the dog anyways.

My wife and I had a trip planned for vacation for our family, but due to the climbing gas prices, the likely hood of the really nice vacation got downsized to a good vacation. We will see how next year goes with the NICE vacation. We do however have a lot of little trips planned because of a ministry that I am involved in. Our kids will get to see a lot of neat stuff this year. I said all of that to say this.... we looked at two dogs. I had in my head and expressed to my wife that IF we were going to buy a new puppy, ALL of us had to agree on the one we liked. Well first dog had two of the five hearts in the family. We went to another pet store and found the dog for us that ALL five of us agreed on. Now knowing that this dog was an expense, we had to give the kids the option. A really nice vacation or a new puppy. We asked our kids over several times about this choice and all agreed that they wanted the dog. Now please don't think that we would replace a family vacation with a dog BECAUSE we are not. There will be a few mini vacations this year and at least one good vacation. So my wife and I were not sacrificing vacation for a dog. Let me repeat WE ARE NOT GIVING UP A VACATION FOR A DOG.

My whole point that I am getting to? Well... for the first time in a very long time, we as a family made a decision together. We will see how this works out. It is definitely going to be a learning experience. But now is the time to start teaching our kids about decisions in life. This for the most part was a pretty simple one. Downscale vacation for a dog or no dog and a nice vacation. I have to say with the climbing gas prices, I am thankful the kids made the decision they made. My wife and I have some fun stuff planned this year for our kids. It will be a year like never before where we will spend tons of time together experiencing fun things together as a family.

Friends the Lord continues to work in our family. This past week satan has really tried to steal our thunder. But the more satan tries, the more we go to the Lord and trust him with everything. When I did something as stupid as I did, things are not going to snap right back and it takes a lot of prayer and allowing God to work. That is exactly what my wife and I have done. I asked many times for you to pray that my wife would hear the voice of the Lord in the way she can hear him. She did. I asked many times that you would pray for the Lords will for our marriage and you did. The Lord's will is being done. I asked many times that you pray for our kids. You did and our kids made a decision together without conflict for the first time ever. I asked all you many times to pray for my oldest son and you did and his test scores have tripled in school, his behavior has improved, and he has adjusted to this family thing in a very positive way. What I love about all of this? God answers prayer!! Yeah the dog was cute and we all love the dog. But more importantly God showed me this weekend how he has answered prayer and will continue to do so.

Ok So what to pray for... March 14th is our court date. Pray that God will do his will. We would love this to be the last court date. Continue to pray for our marriage and the Lords will for us. My wife and I feel like we are so close to God completely revealing his will for us.

Father thank you for all of the answered prayer!! Thank you Father for protecting us this week and being so present in our lives. Thank you Father for all using simple things in life to point out what you have done for us.