Friday, March 2, 2012

My take on Genesis 32...

OK so sometimes my blogs are based off of my scripture readings for the day. The path I am taking to reading scripture has been so encouraging to me. The scripture most times is filled with practical advice to get me through whatever I am facing that particular day. Well.. today is one of those days where I thoroughly enjoyed the scripture. So here is my take on Genesis 32...

The chapter starts out with Jacob sending a message to his brother Esau. Jacob gives very good details of his status. The messenger than comes back and explains to Jacob that Esau is coming with 400 men. Jacob gets scared and divides out his whole camp into three groups as he is afraid that Esau is coming to make war on him. Jacob prays to God for his protection reminding God of the promises he made to him in verses 9-12. Then we find in verses 22 to the end of the chapter that Jacob wrestles with God and God blesses him.

In chapter 33 we can go onto see that Jacob and Esau meet and embrace each other with tears and weeping. But I wanna stick to chapter 32 especially the end. Now you might be feeling one of three things right now. 1. I am sitting in Sunday School and it is only Friday. 2. I am sitting in church and it is only Friday or 3. Where is he going with this?

When fear is deep and it is very real? What do we do? Do we pray? How do we pray? Do we sit and think about the worst that could happen. What about in situations where God has promised you something and you are close to getting it, but face an obstacle? What do you do? How do you pray? What about if God has called you to do something and you are fighting it or running from it? What if God gets you in a corner and starts pointing out the truths to you? Does it hurt sometimes? If you look at Genesis 32 every one of these questions can be answered. If you go back and read this blog you can also see every one of these questions answered.

Jacob prayed to God reminding God of the promises that were made to him. Jacob wrestled with God and won with an injured hip and he was blessed. Folks how earnest are we praying for things? When we pray, we should be praying with a rock solid belief that God is going to answer prayer. I believe God sent that man to see just how much Jacob meant the words in his prayer. Jacob held fast and won. We don't need to remind God of the promises he has made, but sometimes God wants to see how much we believe that he is going to answer prayer. I lived Genesis 32, there were lots of times where I was injured but I never let go of what God had promised and what I was asking him to do. I believed God was going to answer prayer and he did. Because of this my prayer life has grown. My belief and resolve when I am praying has grown. God sticks to his promises.

Here is one of my favorite songs. I used to sing this song quite often when I was younger. It is call "Jesus Never Fails"

Verse 1
So many souls have tested Him throughout the course of time.
So many still reach out to Him with broken hearts and minds.
And every one of them will say,
Without exception that they find…
Jesus never fails...

Verse 2
Even in the days of old, He brought His people through.
And then He came to show His love and died for me and you.
Then He rose again to prove,
That every story has been true…
Jesus never fails…

Jesus never fails. Jesus never fails.
You might as well get thee behind me, Satan
You cannot prevail, because Jesus never fails.

Verse 3
Sometimes this world brings trouble I find so hard to bear.
I know I could not make it without Jesus being there.
It’s so encouraging to know,
How ever deep we’re in despair…
Jesus never fails.

Verse 4
So what can I do to prove to you, tell me how can you deny?
No untold facts, no mysteries, it’s all so cut and dried.
On the witness stand of your life,
I’ll be the first to testify…
Jesus never fails!

Repeat Chorus

I know… Repeat Chorus
You might as well get thee behind me, Satan
You cannot prevail, because Jesus never fails.
Never fails…

OK so what to pray for. A few last steps concerning my wife's job need prayer. Pray for our kids, still having some light issues, but your prayers have made such a difference. Pray for the Lords will. I believe direction is coming soon. Pray that the enemy will be distracted and destroyed.

Father thank you for never failing me. Thank Father for always being there for me when I call. Thank you Father for keeping your promises.