Monday, March 19, 2012

Slow down...

When I was a little kid storms scared me. Especially when I was in the car and we were driving some where. What made it worse is sometimes it was dark. But it always seemed that when we pulled into the garage the rain had slowed down. Interesting that I learned from this. Many times through this journey I wanted to move at lightening speed. Many times in my life I wanted to move at lightening speed. Many times in my life I tried to take on lots of things while moving at lightening speed. We have all done it right?

Isaiah 40:31
 31 But those who trust in the LORD will find new strength.
They will soar high on wings like eagles.
They will run and not grow weary.
They will walk and not faint

Sometimes the rain falls at a pretty consistent rate unless it is a downpour and that usually only lasts a few minutes. But if you are in a car, the faster you are going, the harder it is to see. But when you slow down, things become much clearer. This is what I learned as a child experiencing storms in a car while driving. I learned then that rain and storms really aren't that scary. Actually to this day I am pretty fascinated buy storms. Back to my point... My wife and I are thinking about making some changes in our lives to simplify things. Today while reading my devotions I came across Isaiah 40:31. Even today as I was praying, I asked God to show me what is that I needed to change in order for his will to become clearer. In my scripture reading I read the first five chapters of 1 Samuel. Ya know where Samuel answers the Lord? I am sensing a theme today.

I never knew waiting for the Lord would take such patience. I am so excited about doing the Lord's will. I am trying to go out of my way to make things happen. In other words, I am driving to fast and my vision is clouded by everything that I think is in the way. If I would just slow down and answer when the Lord call, things would be so much clearer. I just need to sit and wait for the Lord to call me and then answer him. I need to trust the Lord that the things he is doing in the background are for what he has in store for us. Trust me when I say, that we are starting to get a clue. It has taken some pretty drastic things so far this year for me to answer the Lord. I am so thankful that the Lord got my attention. I hate that I have been so stupid and head strong.

If we will just trust in the Lord, our vision will clear. If we will just slow down and wait on the Lord, our vision will clear. What God has in store for all of us will give us strength and we will glide like eagles and never grow weary. God hasn't failed me yet since I trusted him with my life and I know that he won't.

OK so what to pray for... Pray that the Lord continues to make himself known to us. Pray for our kids. Pray for the May 9th court date and pray that it would not be needed. Pray for a change we are seeking the Lord on that would require some major changes. Pray that my wife would find a job better suited for our family

Father thank you for teaching us to wait on you. Thank Father for patience. Thank you Father for calling in the sweet way you do.