Thursday, April 19, 2012

I asked my wife a question... Here is her answer...

I have taken some time off of work and so blogging will be a little bit slow this week. But as promised and mentioned in previous blog entries, I would from time to time change things up. So today my wife will be answering this question. You have been hearing my side of things for a quite a while, now here is her side...

The question I asked her was... How has life changed for you since the last time you blogged?

Here is her answer:
The last time that I blogged was shortly after the incident happened.  So much has changed since that time.  For me the biggest change was to see how God had made a change in my husband's life and to see that in action.  For so long I heard so many words and excuses but not any actions to follow them up.  I saw for the first time a man that was ready to leave the old life behind and start the new life that I so dreamed of.  I saw a man of God, a great husband and father and the person that I kept telling people was there but just lost.  For the first time I looked into the eyes of a man who loved me and was willing to do anything to make this marriage work.  I saw someone who loved me and saw the changes that I made in my own life and appreciated them. 

Do not get me wrong this process has not been easy for me or him.  We have felt the backlash of this last year.  Trust me it has come back to haunt us many times.  However, when any thing came our way it was amazing and exciting to see how we were slowly coming together to face every challenge that would come our way.  It has been the best time of our marriage if you ask me.  What people may say. . .   For me it was us getting to know each other really for the first time, introducing things to our home that should have been happening but never did, really learning to love unconditionally, and dropping all the bad baggage that haunted our marriage from the day we said I do!  It has been a time of growth and looking at each other from our own eyes without any distractions from anyone.

 I often ask myself why did I not leave this old life and move on? Well... I never felt checked to let it go. I knew in my heart there could be something so amazing that would be waiting for me on the other side of this mess.  Trust me God's timing is not always our timing but when it gives us the go ahead, it is always worth it.  I tell you my husband is the most amazing person to me.  He is truly my best friend.  We are so patient with each other to release the ugly garbage that has so tainted our marriage and come out such a stronger couple.  For the first time there is not any more lies, excuses or baggage that haunts our marriage.  We have gotten all of that out and in the open and now we can move forward and not look back.  Trust me the devil does his best to try to cloud us and bring up the past.  Like I said this has not been an easy journey it has taken a lot of patients and understanding on both parts.  However, it has been well worth the wait.  We have found a love that is deeper than ever before,  a home that is centered around God and the family dynamic that I have always wanted.  I never want to get comfortable again in our marriage but I truly now have the love of my life and best friend.  So again you ask what has changed and why would I take this man back?  My answer is everything has changed praise GOD!!!!

I will be asking her tougher questions later, but I wanted you all to hear from my wife. When she is ready, she will answer the tougher questions and dig deeper.

Ok so what to pray for? Pray for the court date. Pray for the Lord's will for our lives. We have been really thinking about a move and where God wants us. Pray for our jobs and pray for our kids. Continue to pray for that special some one.

Father thank you for changed lives!!