Thursday, May 10, 2012

DISMISSED!! Word I like to hear...

Yesterday was our final day in court. I don't think anyone was more surprised yesterday than the judge and my lawyer hearing the state's attorney asking that the case be dismissed. What a great day. Not only did all of your prayers play into this, but my wife played a huge part in this too. She had two conversations with the states attorney concerning this situation and the Lord used her both times. What a difference when the Lord is in the center!! Moving onto the next chapter in this book is a good feeling. It feels so great to finally put one of the last reminders of my former life behind me. But further more hearing the word dismissed was such a relief.

Now I would like to deviate a little bit from the usual tone of this blog lately. Yesterday's scene played out like standing before the Lord. While I never want to be dismissed from the Lord's presence, I am thankful that his salvation and saving grace played out through me. That God dismissed MY sins and all I had ever done. Some day when I stand before the Lord to give an account of my life, this part of my life will be non existent because it was dismissed into the sea of forgetfulness.

The challenging part of this. There is still damage that has to be repaired. There is still daily work, talks with God, and devotions that have to continue. Another challenging part is moving forward and continuing to erase the anxieties that I have caused in my wife. For anyone who is recovering in their marriage from an affair, this is not an over night process. It takes time. The saying is true, time heals all wounds. I have said it before and I will say it again. When we are wounded, the healing creates a scar in some way shape or form. But that scar represents the healing hand of God. The scars on Jesus represent his death and resurrection, but more so, his forgiveness, his healing, and his grace.

I look back through this whole court process. First court appearance, hoping and praying my wife would talk to me. Second court appearance, my lawyer didn't show up. Third court appearance the state's attorney didn't have his ducks in a row. Between the first time and this last time was all the Lord's timing. God's will was done yesterday. God has answered prayer because I asked you to pray and we all prayed together. I can't thank God enough for his grace and I can't thank all of you enough for praying with me.

I am continuing this blog because I still feel the need to share about this journey. It is far from over and the Lord is going to continue to point things out in our marriage and in my life that all play a part in this journey.

OK so what to pray for... My wife and I are seeking the Lord's will and we are getting closer we think. Keep praying. Pray for our marriage and our kids. Pray for my mom who went in today for her second chemo treatment. The tumor has shrunk. Praise the Lord! Pray for continued direction on this blog!!

Father thank you for answered prayer. Thank you father for my friends and family who have prayed with us and continue to do so. Thank you father for how far you have brought.