Wednesday, May 2, 2012

One answer and more to go...

When I arrived home from work yesterday the question was brought up as to why I didn't post something to the blog. My wife who is a daily reader of my blog always likes to hear what I am thinking. My answer? I was not feeling like I was getting an answers to the Lord's will for our lives. Yesterday I was just very impatient and was wanting things to happen. I am a person who gets a taste of what the future could possibly hold and I get all excited and want to push it along as fast as I can. So to answer the question, I felt like if I had posted something, it would have been me mostly complaining about why God is waiting so dang long to reveal his will for our lives.

Well today has changed that. I seriously think sometimes God just wants to slap us up side the head and tell us to be patient. I suppose at some point yesterday I should have asked God to give me patience. If you recall that first two and half weeks of January were killer for me and having patience was not a strong suit. This journey has been full and ups and downs. I am reminded of that daily and have to remember that God is working in all aspects of my life and my marriage. I so desperately want to see down the road, but I know God hides it for a reason. We as humans already try to hurry along God's will for our lives, and when we do that, things get messed up. As humans, we don't know God's plan until he reveals it. Honestly sometimes I wish God would hand me the magic mirror like in Beauty and the Beast so I could see what is happening. But God does no such thing and I am forced to get deal with it after deal with it when I ask God to PLEASE hurry up.

There are different as parts of this journey that I am on. My spiritual journey has taken me on this course of finding out how to be completely sold out to God. I find myself wondering about a few things. At what point have I given him everything and what point will I be so close to God that doing, re-acting, talking, and living is always pleasing to him. I refuse to accept anything less than that. I want God to have complete control of this ship. Sometimes waiting for him to steer that ship, is just hard to do. That is where I find myself lately. Just being accepting of waiting on God. It is hard for me. I think it is hard for most people.

But today God answered a prayer that I have been asking you all to pray about. The answer to this prayer moves us one more step closer to closing this chapter of our lives. This answer to prayer moves us one step closer of building that future my wife and I have always dreamed of. Today we found out that the charges for domestic battery will be dropped next Wednesday at the court date. Praise the Lord!! I cannot thank all of you enough for praying for this. This is just what we needed today. We are reminded that God is working in our marriage and that the power of forgiveness goes beyond anything we can imagine. This is absolutely huge and opens the doors for us to step further in God's will. I truly believe that God had everything to do with this and his timing is always perfect. Praise the Lord!!

OK so what to pray for... Pray for my earthly mom as she is fighting cancer. Pray for the Lord's hand of healing. She has saved our family and been a big part of saving my marriage. Pray for our kids as they go through this journey with us. Pray for our marriage to move even close to the Lord.

Father today I cannot thank you enough for all you have done. New mercies and grace you show me daily. Father thank you being right on time every time.