Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sometimes it helps to look...

Sometimes it helps to look to see where you came from. In other words... it helps to look back to when this all started as compared to where you are now. I think of everything that my wife and I have been through in the last couple of years. It has been quite the amazing journey. It has been amazingly terrible and amazingly awesome. As of now we are leaning towards the amazingly awesome. It has been quite eye opening to really get to know my wife and what she is truly about. I am sure she would say the same about me... or at least I hope. She claims she knows me quite well. Maybe one of these days she will be presented a "husband multiple choice test".

Tonight we will be going into our counseling session for an assessment of our marriage. This is not at all a bad thing. Definitely not a should we keep going or stop type thing. This is more of a lets take a look at where we were, where we have been and where we are going. I am excited about this. In this stage of the game, we are hitting some road bumps and we need to be able to work through them and understand them. I would call these growing pains of two people 100% invested in a marriage.

If you were to look back on both sides of this, you would see that we carried a lot of baggage into the marriage. If I had to make a recommendation to couples out there who are getting married, it would be this. Don't stop marriage counseling after the wedding. Find a mentor couple that can show you the ropes of marriage. Or stay in counseling. Maybe you don't need to go every week, but maybe a monthly thing would be smart. In my opinion there are two many married couples out there walking through this blind. I really wish we had something like that. It is also amazing how much your eyes are opened when you listen to other couples that you know. We see the problems they are having and we want to warn them to change course immediately. But who are we? God hasn't released us yet to tell our story, or at least this chapter of the story. This chapter isn't it over yet. God is still doing great things for us.

I am excited tonight for a couple of reasons. I think it will be neat to see where we came from and how far we have come together in this journey. I can honestly sit here and tell you that today I am more in love with my wife that I ever have been. The other reason that tonight will be maybe eye opening is because we can see what we need to work on, but the other is to see how God worked.

I have heard from couples who went through something similar. They have all said you come back stronger as a couple than you ever were. I believe that, but I also believe you come back trusting, allowing, and depending on God to do great things in the healing process. I can't sit here and tell you that this has been easy. We are both still working through issues both separately and together. But God is bringing it together. Some might think God is putting the pieces of a broken marriage back together, but I believe that God removed the broken pieces and is building something new.

Ok so what to pray for... Pray for my mom here on earth who has cancer. Today was her first treatment. Pray for tonight's counseling session and that God will use it to make us better. Pray for the Lord's will in our lives. God shut another door today, so I will continue to trust that he knows what he is doing. Pray for our kids and our marriage to continue to heal.

Father thank you for keeping us in check to you. Thank you Father for all the answer prayed in the last few days. Thank you father for the answer prayer coming our way.