Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We all should have one...

We crossed one of the many milestones it takes to build a marriage from the ruins. This past weekend we went to a family reunion. I know what you are thinking.... "and what is the big deal about that?" well here is your answer. A year ago, my wife and I didn't know if we were going to be there. Last year when we went, I was still not living at home. We went together as a family, but not one united and one of the two of us was determined to get out of that marriage as quick as possible. I am thankful that God had other idea's.

Every person and every marriage should have a family. When I think of family I think of the typical family with 2.5 kids, a dog or two and nice place to live. To me family is so much more than that. My family is a family based on God. God is the center. Family just does things for each other that not even friends would do for each other. You help when help is needed. You pray when prayer is needed. Family should go above and beyond. I can sit here and tell you today, that my family is this plus more.

Many times I reached out to my family to pray for me, to guide me, and to help me understand things. Many times I asked them to understand my feelings, all be it wrong sometimes, but to very least understand. The best thing about the past couple of years, is that my family has told me the truth. They have told me things that I didn't want to hear, but I needed to hear. My family was supportive to me, my wife, and my kids. There are so many people that I can thank for helping with our marriage. But my family was constantly praying for us. I was told time after time this weekend that my wife and I were always being prayed for quite often. We were never far from my families mind.

During church on Sunday we had a service built around our family. It was at my Aunt's church. My family is very musically talented. Every one of us is in some type of position whether it be direct ministry or teacher, or nurse or whatever to minister the gospel of Christ. Some of us are the hands, some of us are the feet, others are the voice. Saturday as we were practicing for the morning service, the Holy Spirit came and we had family church. There was prayer and there was praising, and there was experiencing the Lord's presence. The next day at church, the same thing happened. God showed up and we felt his presence. God intended family to be like this.

You know there is not much else I can say about this weekend. We came this year, so thankful that we have come as far as we have come. Neither my wife or I thought we would be attending this event together or even at all. What I truly learned this weekend is that God can heal the pain, the hurt, and the give forgiveness. The thing is, for God to give these things to a broken marriage, both spouses have to be willing to accept what God wants to give. I learned that God intended family to stick together, for him to be the center, and for him to be allowed to work.

OK what to pray for... Pray for my mom. God is answering prayer!! Pray for our marriage that it keeps building that base. Pray for my oldest son. Pray for the Lords will and our job situations.

Father thank you for my family.