Monday, July 23, 2012

It hit me...

Well.. We are all packed. It is well past midnight. Our friends have helped us pack. Everything is ready to go. We had to make some tough decisions along the way, but we got to where we think and trust the Lord wants us to be. I have to admit that this house holds a lot of memories for me. I am finding that the reality of this move has hit me at the last minute. I also have to admit that the sentimental part of me is admitting for the first time how difficult it is to say good bye. I'm saying good bye to a house where I turned my life around.

So far I have held it together. I have had watery eyes a few times today, but I stayed strong. The last six months has been the journey of finding God, learning how to truly love my wife and kids. I saw tonight my eight year old son make a tough decision about a something that was best for him. For him it was tough, but for me seeing the courage it took to be unselfish confirmed for me that we are doing something right in this house.

As I sit here in the quiet and write this blog from my iPhone, I am reflecting. Tomorrow will come, the movers will show up and there will be no time to reflect. Only time for directing what gets loaded where. No time for thinking about the really great times this family has experience in this house in the short time Christ knocked on the door and we finally allowed him to be the center of this family. The thought comes to mind... Is this the healing house? Is this the place we should have taken our shoes off and recognized that we were on holy ground? Why did it take so long for me to realize what a mess my life had become? Why did it take me doing something so extreme to turn my life around? Did it really need to get THAT bad before it got better? Maybe... Maybe not. Either way God used it to send a clear message.

Like I said tomorrow is going to come and I will be thanking my father in heaven for how he answered prayer. Yes it will be tough to say good bye and adjust to change, but doing the Lords will sometimes is not easy. God never promised nice smelling flowers the whole way through life, but he did promise the reward of heaven.

Ok so what to pray for... Pray that our move goes smooth. Continue to pray for the Lords will in our lives. Pray for my wife as she starts her new job next week.