Monday, August 20, 2012

Once a cheater always a...

This subject has been on my mind for weeks now. I just couldn't think of how I wanted to put it in a blog. Once a cheater always a cheater is the saying. I believe in some cases that is true, but in other cases it is not. In the cases it is not, is me. I am one of the cases and a testimony of how God changed my life through and through. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt I will never go down that road again. The reason I know that is God is my joy and gives me every thing I need to sustain a joyful satisfying life.

Spouses who cheat, are missing something in their life. I think the main source that they are missing is having a full open relationship with Christ. A fulfilled spiritual life transforms into a loving fulfilling marriage between a man and woman provided that they are BOTH one with Christ as well. The beginning heart beat of a marriage should start from day one of dating. It should last until the last breath is taken by one or both spouses. I have said this many times, but if Christ is not the center of your life and marriage, than the chance of your marriage going south is a high percentage. No one said committing your all for the rest of your life to the person you love was going to be easy. But the foundation of that must be built on Christ and maintained so the frost line of life does not crack it.

You are always going to be a cheater in life if God is not the center. Cheaters want everything easy and when the going gets tough, they are the first to bail and find another avenue for easy street. It really doesn't matter if it is marriage or relationship, job, or anything else. When the going gets tough, the solid relationship with God gets going.

Spouses who cheated are always going to face a certain judgement. Not from God if they are forgiven. The great thing about the God we serve is he forgives, forgets, and starts to heal you. But those who are around you, friends, family, church members, co-workers etc.. will be the ones who are skeptical. When you cheat, you have just made yourself accountable to everyone around you whether you like it or not. It cannot be avoided. So you may ask, how do you counter this? Well... you have a lot to prove. Words will repair a very little amount of the damage you have done. It is your actions that will do the rest. I am eight months out of the affair. The past few weeks, I have seen side affects that still linger and I have seen some skeptics make some snap judgements. With that I have only two options, I can question them or I can let my actions speak for me. I choose to let how the Lord made me a new creation speak for me.

I believe God can heal and take the cheaters and make them honest. Peace and satisfaction is found in Christ alone. Everything after that, falls into place and happens as God intended. When we serve God, we serve each other.. most importantly our spouses.