Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sad truth... these days...

If you remember in the last blog I was really struggling with what I should be writing or even if I should be writing. I resolved to keep writing this blog and promised to write when inspired. I saw this picture and saying the day after. God had answer my question about his will for this blog... KEEP WRITING ding dong!!

The other day my wife and I had the chance to go out to lunch alone. Like a date type thing. Kids were at school and she was off on vacation. Our choice for lunch was Jakes. It is a steak house. A chain of restaurant that we don't have in Illinois. We have been at this particular place a couple of times. So this day it was our third. I am a pretty observant person compared to most and for whatever reason I had never noticed the saying up on the wall there. So on our way out I decided to take a picture of it. The saying if you can read it in this picture is the following... 

"It's stronger than most marriages today that union between a man and dog. Trust and honor, and at least one partner that can keep your secrets, all bonded by unconditional love." 
After seeing this picture I looked at my wife and said "that is so true". My wife looked at me and agreed with me completely. Seriously how sad is that saying? Yes it is true a dog can be a great companion. No other person is sometimes more happier to see you when you walk in the door than your dog. I mean who else is going to feed them? Well... except for my dog who is deaf now and is sleeping peacefully on her piled up pillow on the floor. Well I guess when you are 82 in dog years, you might be inclined to do a lot of sleeping as well and the hearing might not be what it used to be. Anyways... back to topic.

So the last few days this topic has been on my mind. In fact it was all I could think about today in church. Couldn't hardly tell you much about the morning message. All I could think about was that saying. In fact I pulled out my phone and thought seriously about writing this right in church. But got involved in a conversation with my wife about the service that was going on using my notes app. What has happened to marriages today where secrets, longings, desires, hopes and dreams are no longer sacred between each other? If some of us loved our spouses the way we loved our dogs, marriages might be a little different these days. When I say different, I mean successful. Now granted a dog can't talk and so we know our secrets our safe with that dog. But the concept worries me a bit. There isn't one part of that saying that doesn't bother me. Seriously "It's stronger that most marriages today...." Ugh it makes me sick that the saying starts out like that.

Folks we need to get back to the basics of marriage. Love, trust, honor, respect, and faithfulness. Listen when I say this. When we are in a relationship and this includes married, dating, and engaged or any other relationship status that facebook gives us.... these things are to stay between a man and a woman in a committed loving relationship. Once they get outside this circle of trust, it will only bring trouble. The above saying or concept can lead to no good. Have something on your mind? Tell your spouse. Have a new dream? Tell your spouse. Have a new secret, problem, or longing? TELL YOUR SPOUSE!! This creates a bond of unconditional love. I have talked lots in past blogs about unconditional love, but just like Christ loves us this way, we also need to love our spouses the same way.

As I have said before. Love should be unconditional towards your spouse. But again and I will give credit to where credit is due. A very wise person told me that love was a choice.  Who do you choose to love unconditionally? Your dog or your spouse... To me the answer is simple. I choose to love my wife unconditional. I know I can trust her beyond a life time. I know that I can tell my wife anything and she will listen and understand me and that creates a bond of unconditional love towards each other.

Folks dogs are great and they can bring lots of joy to our lives, but not like the joy that we can experience and share with our spouses. I want to say if you talk to your dog or any other person other than your spouse about your dreams, longings, desires, problems, and ideas than stop. I promise you that no good can come from it and will lead you down a road of destruction. Take it from someone who knows. I was devoured by that dog if you will. I almost lost it all. Enough said...