Saturday, March 30, 2013

A reason for this season...

I sat in amazement as I listened to the radio on 9/11 as the United States was figuring out that we were being attacked by terrorist using our own fueled rockets in the shape of airplanes. Our world in the United States as we knew it had permanently changed. Everything around us was in question. What attacks would come next? There were lines at gas stations a mile long and even a few attempted to take advantage and rocketed the prices up just as quick as those towers fell. There was literally panic every where. Just maybe the United States hadn't taken those signs leading up to 9/11 as serious as they should have. How sad were the events taking place that would shape the world we live in almost 13 years later.

As I sit here, I think about what the followers of Christ were thinking this very day when Jesus had died on the cross the day before. I think about the disciples and what they must have been going through as they gathered together to figure out what to do next. An uncertain future was facing them.... well as far as they knew. I can't even begin to imagine the agony Mary must have been feeling after seeing her son die on the cross. But on the third day all those questions about what, when, where, and why would be answered!! Jesus had beat death, beat sin, and rose again!! I am thankful that Christ died on the cross for my sins so that I could be free. I don't deserve it and I fall short of it every day. But thank God he forgives when we ask. Last Sunday at church the band did this song by Third Day, By His Wounds.

More so than ever, I am thankful that Jesus saved me from the life I was living. I really don't know where I would be today without God's grace in my life. I honestly don't know who reads this blog, but I wonder where you are at today in your life. I wonder if there are those of you who have daily struggles. You might be at a point in your life where the future is up for grabs. Maybe your marriage is about to take an ugly turn where it shouldn't. Maybe you're facing some temptations that could allow sin to destroy everything around you. Friends, I have been there. I was on the brink and quite honestly I was facing an eternity that would have destroyed my soul. Friends if this is you, I speak from experience that you are coming to a time just like those towers, that everything will be destroyed and come crashing down. Life as you know it will no longer be as sins plan is to conquer, destroy. I invite you today to give your life and everything about you to Christ. Don't wait until it is to late. There are lots of warning signs. Please don't ignore them. Christ is waiting at the cross with arms wide open for you where the ground is level. Jesus loves you and wants nothing but to live in your heart today. All you have to do is ask and Christ will forgive you.