Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Back to work...

It has been a while since I last posted something on this blog. As promised in a previous post, I would write when I felt inspired. The last couple of days I have felt something brewing and so here I sit at my laptop to write.

The last month has been a pathway of trusting God. It has been a season of prayer for my wife and I earnestly seeking God's will for our family. Collectively and after much prayer we decided that it was time for me to go back to work. The right job has come for me and my family. After a few months of talking to recruiters, searching the obvious job sites, and sending in lots of resumes. I will be starting this next week doing what God has given me the talent and knowledge to do. I have to admit after my last job and how I was treated, I thought I would never go back into IT again. I also know that I said on a previous blog that God had called me into counseling. While that is still true, I need to provide for our family. Also going to school takes money and when you have little to no money, school tends to take a back seat. So just so every one knows, counseling is still something that is God's will for my life, but the path getting there is a little different than what I had envisioned.

Our theme this past month was not to get ahead of God. I am sure most of you know how hard that is. Having patience is something that requires great focus for me. Trusting God willingly is something that is hard to do. Through this season I looked back on all that God has done for me. Everything I trusted God with, all the things he promised he would do, he did for me. So getting ahead of God these days is less frequent. When my wife and I find ourselves trying to beat God to the finish line, we look at where God has brought us. God brought us to these places simply by trusting and waiting patiently for him to work. God has been there this whole way, opening and closing doors for us.

I wonder how many of you who read this blog trust God whole heartedly with your life and marriage. I wonder how many of you are struggling today with God's will in your life. I wonder how many of you are struggling in your marriage. Maybe your own idea's are taking over what God wants. Maybe you and your spouse are at odds. Maybe.. just maybe these odds are driving a monster sized wedged between you and your spouse. I encourage you and your spouse to come together in prayer and ask God what he wants. I encourage you to trust God completely and hand every aspect, troubles, difference of opinion, poisons, and whatever else is driving you away from God's will. Let God work, don't get ahead, trust and watch him change your life, marriage, and see the answers of prayers start to flow.