Monday, May 6, 2013

A beautiful flower

One of the things that I may never hand down to either of my sons, is mowing the lawn. There are a few reasons for this. One, I love to do it, it is something about the patterns in the grass that make me feel organized. I am a straight line mower. Second of all it is time where I think about life. Third of all I love the smell of freshly cut grass. This time of year I am mowing quite frequently. Lastly I love to look at the lawn after it is mowed. It reminds me of how beautiful something can be when taken care of with love and care.

This year I even find myself pulling weeds from where the new flowers and hosta's are coming in. In pulling those weeds, God kinda of got my attention. In the past I have just pulled the weeds as best I could without digging deep in the ground to get the entire weed roots and all. I always wondered why the weeds came back almost instantly within a few days. I thought by just giving a good yank on the weed from the ground, it would kill it. As I was working on pulling weeds, I started to dig the roots out as well. The next week came a long and no weeds have grown back in where I had pulled the weeds from the roots the week before. But new ones started to pop up in other places. So with the same process as the others, I pulled those as well from the roots deep in the ground. It really is a never ending process. No matter what precautions you take, weeds are going to happen.

For the past two weeks I have been chewing on this whole "pulling the weed" thing.  I thought about my life and how far God had brought me. I realized how deep sin was rooted in my life. My spiritual life was the flower in the garden and the things that were stopping it from becoming beautiful were the things like sin, acceptance, anger, and approval amongst other things. In fact as you have read from the very beginning, my spiritual life was dead at one point. The weeds of sin had over come me and I had allowed them to kill and devour my spiritual life. I had been strangled from the root level.

Our spiritual life is something that constantly needs to be kept and weeded. Sin is going to try to pop up in different places and if we are not vigilant, our spiritual life will be strangled by the roots of sin. That will lead to broken lives, broken marriages, and broken families. All this from mowing the lawn and taking a gardening util to dig up weeds.

Friends, this blog entry is not complicated, maybe even a little cliche... BUT... the message is clear. We have to be aware of how sin works, how it can destroy our lives and everything we know about it. Sin doesn't take long to starve us (the flower), in face it can be quick. So my point, be vigilant, spend time in the word, spend time talking to our great redeemer, and make sure that we are doing all that is needed to stay grounded in the spiritual dirt that gives us eternal life forever in Christ.