Sunday, June 2, 2013

Another loss..

When I was 29 I lost my first Mom to cancer. Two weeks ago I lost my second Mom to cancer as well. That would be four deaths in our family in the last ten months. A friend was telling me that the top stresses in life are moving, change of job, and death of a love one. Well that would be all three for my family and I. How in the world does one get through something like this? Look below...

This was a sticker that I took down today that was on the wall in our home as we are preparing to move. This sticker reminds me of several things that have happened over the last year and a half. It is a statement and one that I have often thought when faced with uncertain, maybe impossible, or difficult situations. Apparently according to the stats, it is impossible to bring Mom back from heaven and who would blame her. I wouldn't want to leave either. Moving is difficult and a very involved process, and changing scenery with our jobs, will take some adjusting.

A pastor friend said to me at my Mom's funeral that I was growing up... He continued... if there were no bumps in the road, we wouldn't learn anything. Let me put it into my words, if there were no bumps in the road, how would we come to know how much God loves us and know how his grace is there for us anytime we need it. I think of a family losing two wives and mothers. God promised he would never give us anything that we couldn't handle. Even though it says so in the Bible, it almost seems cliche right?

One thing that my Mom always said through thirteen months of cancer was that God had a plan. It almost seemed as if, cliche was status quo for Mom. Mom knew that God had a plan. In our loss it is very difficult to see what that plan is. In our tough circumstances it is difficult to see the big picture called God's plan. But these bumps in the road are all part of God's plan and lead us to our final destination in heaven. But the secret to getting through these difficult circumstances is to know that all things are possible with God. I never want to minimize anything that God has brought me through. NEVER!!

Whether it is loss, change of job, moving, marriage, family issues, or any other difficult circumstance, God is there through it all. We face many dark and uncertain times in our life. The writer of this blog certainly knows the last couple of months let alone the last couple of years have been difficult, but God has seen me through it all. I can't imagine where I would be with out God's grace in my life.

If you are sitting and wondering where God is, don't doubt that he isn't. I made that same mistake and gave up on God. That one decision got me no where fast. Please if you are sitting where I was at a couple of years ago, trust God with your life today. Without God everything is impossible.