Monday, June 24, 2013

What every marriage can do without…

Every marriage can do without a dirty five letter word when it comes to life. Any guesses? Yes you in the back corner of the blogosphere room... Yes DRAMA!! That is correct!! Drama is only good when watching a TV show or going to some type of on stage play. This week has been one of those weeks, where I get so sick of people making mountain out of a mole hill. There are some that are very good at creating drama and do it constantly. These kinds of people allow drama to rule their lives. They feed off of drama, and it is the basis for living their lives. Drama can rule every fiber of their thoughts, personal lives and family lives. Drama has a profound effect on their friends, family, and acquaintances around them. Soon the “dramateers” if you will find that friends are no longer willing to acknowledge them or their drama.  Sort of like the guy who cried wolf one to many times. No acknowledged him and the consequences were not favorable.

Married couples sometimes base their marriage off of the same drama principal above. If marriages allow drama to penetrate, then chalk it up as yet another unneeded challenge. It is sad to say that I have seen a lot of examples of marriages that allow drama to rule their marriage as well as their lives. I ask the questions, as married couples; shouldn’t we as followers of Christ be setting the example of how to be married? Shouldn’t we be setting the example of how not to allow drama to rule our lives and marriages? This is the word of Lord and what the bible says about taking part in drama in life.

Galatians 5:15
But if you bite and devour one another, watch out that you are not consumed by one another.

I look at my own marriage. I have caused undo drama that did damage as you all have read. I think of my kids and what that drama not only did to them, but taught them as well. I think about what that drama did to everyone around me. How my drama that I caused affected them, how it affected their opinion of me, my marriage and my family. I am reminded that with three kids, drama is rampant on some days with sibling rivalry. My wife and I do everything we can to teach them to peacefully resolve their differences. We are constantly teaching to be spiritually minded when conflict arises and there is potential for drama.

It seems to me that participating in drama does damage to a marriage or our personal life. Sometimes that damage will take a very long time to repair. When there is drama people are going to get chewed up, spit out, and the chewers will be as well. When there is drama in a marriage, it will get chewed up spit up, broken, and irreparable beyond recognition. In our house we have adopted a no drama way of thinking and living. We aren’t always successful, but we strive to avoid drama at all cost. I'm finding that when my wife and I need answers in life, or we are faced with a situation that could bring drama our way, we bury our heads in scripture and spend time on our knees talking to our father in heaven. It helps us to not complain but to be content in all situations and with the counsel of our Father in heaven we know how to best handle anything that comes our way. I would rather those see how Christ is the center of our lives, marriage, and family. Maybe our actions might bless others. It’s time we view situations, circumstances, and challenges through the eyes of Christ when faced with circumstances that have the potential to stir drama that could damage our marriages, lives, and families. Enough is enough. Between God’s word, and prayer, we have an unlimited source of answers to all problems in life. Time to start using it.. Nuff said..