Friday, July 26, 2013

Redirection in constant motion...

Both of our boys have ADHD and redirection for them is just a part of our lives. If I were to have a motto for the boys, it would be "Redirection in constant motion". I will come back around to this in a few seconds depending on how fast you read.

Since moving back to Illinois, my commute to work is any where from an hour and half to two hours. I have used this time in the morning to pray. My prayer life has exploded and I have seen so many answered prayers in the last month or so. The last couple of weeks I have been in a valley and cannot figure out how I got there. This valley has been so deep that I made the journey back into my counselors office to talk it through. Well.. I learned something yesterday and there is a lot happening in my life that is directing me away from the basics. My life is constant motion right now. From the time I get up to the time I go to bed there is no rest.

I have been having my devotions and prayer time which is a good start, but I had to be redirected yesterday on the things that I had lost focus on. Praying with my wife each day, having devotions with the kids and prayer time with them. Losing focus on those things have had a negative impact in this family. We simply haven't given every thing to God. My wife has said repeatedly the last couple of weeks, that she felt like satan was trying to get a foot hold in this house once more. Well I have put a stop to that. I can talk about it all I want, but if my actions are not matching my talking, then what is the point? If I go back to the times where my wife and I were having devotions together, praying together and committing stuff to prayer, there was peace. I wonder how many other marriages go astray and head down a bad road fast when they lose focus and site of God.

Well here are some things that were suggested to me. Bond spiritually having prayer and devotions together. Find a couple that you and your spouse can relate with. Friends like this will hold you accountable and help redirect when focus is lost. Never get comfortable with how things are going. Satan will use this to divide you. Time together without kids to reconnect as it is essential to always be on the same page in your marriage and all that surrounds it. Stay away from drama. I can't stress that one enough. Keep doing the little things in your marriage such as compliments, validation, I love you's, assurance. Make sure the poison that tries to make your marriage sick is always deflected and eliminated. There is plenty of poison out there and it comes in many forms of which is to much to list on this blog. I may have referenced poison in previous blogs. Go look.. Last but not least, always be open with you spouse about everything. Mastering communication is key. If you hold in feelings etc.. it may come out in a way that could be damaging to your marriage.

I am on my way out of the valley and God is good. My wife is holding my hand and helping my hike on out. I have been open with her about how I was feeling. I have been asking God to lower me a rope as well. I was there because I lost focus and had to be redirected. Our walk with the Lord is redirection in constant motion sometimes. Keep your eye on God, and don't lose focus on what he has for you.