Sunday, January 5, 2014

Date night!! A must do!!

I married my wife because she had a smile that I could not stop looking at. We had always known each other or known of each other our whole lives. It was a day at a church league softball game that she reluctantly came with a friend. I saw her sitting in the bleachers. A softball game was not the ideal place for my wife to be. My wife simply didn't want to be there, but came as favor to her friend. To borrow from Austin Powers, it wasn't her bag baby. So sensing that I said something using my sarcasm wit. Those of you who know me, know that I live on the side of sarcasm. I told a friend of mine after the game that I was going to marry her. I stayed true to what I said. I chased her that summer and begged her to go on one date with me and I would leave her alone if she would just agree to one date. Well... the rest is history and it is quite a story.

I married my wife because she was unlike anyone I had ever met. Complete polar opposite of me and challenged me to look at life from different perspectives, not just my own. We, ok I started our flirtations by sitting across the table as partners playing card games. It was something for me to sit across such an attractive gal. I enjoyed making her laugh and seeing that smile that I love so much. It was then that I got to see a person who could match me wit for wit. Dates ensued after this, movies, amongst other things. I fell in love with my wife pretty quick. I fell in love with her because she challenged me. Not only did she challenge me, she was a challenge. I fell in love with her, because she was bright, educated, and had a persistent drive to get what she wanted. Most importantly we were like minded about our relationship with God. My wife was the person that God had for me no question. No other human loves me like my wife does and I am so thankful for that. To me if I had only her on this earth, I would be more than thrilled.

Ok so to the present. We made a commitment to make sure that we always clear time for us. That time a part is held at a minimum and that we still enjoy the things we have in common. Granted time with guy friends and girl friends is important. We never want to lose site of each other or the reasons that brought us together. Hence... DATE NIGHT!! We still enjoy the same movies, the same games, and everything that we enjoyed together early on, plus a few new things to add to mix.

Date night and time a lone is one of the BIG ticket items that every marriage needs in order to survive. Today divorce is on the rampant. Couples are losing site of why they married each other in the first place. They are forgetting the reasons why they chose to love each other. Word of advice to those who aren't married. It is important to make sure that you are equally yoked with your mate. If you look at your relationship, it needs to resemble a picture of a puzzle. My wife fills my weak areas and I fill hers. She is the socialite and I am the reserved one. She is the organized and detailed one and I am the one who speaks in summary. It drives her crazy!! But it works for us. Together we make an equally yoked couple. Date night is a time to remember those things and enjoy that time together.

Marriage is not a walk in the park and it is not for the weak of heart. But there are many things you can do to keep it a live, youthful and fresh. We have been married 17 years and to this day I can give the reasons why I chose to fall in love with her plus a few more. I have never forgotten them even at my worst; and to this day they are STILL the reasons that she is my wife and best friend. I may have lost site of them, but I found them again. Take it from someone who knows, when times get tough, go back to the basics. Date night is a must!! That is how we started and that is how we keep this thing call love, marriage, and friendship going!!