Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A number significant to you...

Today as I am reminded of those who have gone before me.. I am thankful for the heritage that was left for me. I think about when we get married, then some of us become parents... What if a person handed you a number at the moment of your first married kiss or when your first child is born? Your look at the number and turn around only to find that person no where in sight. Precisely that number had two digits. At first you don't know what that number means... On either one of these days, the "I do" or the first time you see your child you don't really think of the significance of that number handed to you. You fold up that number, tuck it a way in your coat pocket and live life.

Fast forward some time, years perhaps... Your kids are older. It is a cold day and you go outside to spend time with you wife and kids. You have put on that same coat that you have had for years. You reach in the pocket to find a folded up piece of paper. You open to see what it is, there is that number that was given to you by a stranger who seemed to just disappear. You briefly stop and think about it and you fold it back up put into the pocket keeping it as there is no where to throw it away.

Fast forward a few more years. Your kids are grown, your marriage has had the typical challenges that all do, maybe more. You have a doctors appointment, you put on the same coat which you have had for years. The doctors appointment reveals news of your health that shows your days may not be long. You go right into treatments only to find nothing is working. Your time here on earth is significant now. It means something, and while you still can, you want to check off the things on the bucket list while you still have quality of life.

You are getting ready for an event that wasn't on your bucket list, but your family has planned for you. You put on the coat, reach into the pocket to find the piece of paper you never got rid of. This time the number is significant from the day you received it. It means something... As you begin to do the math, you realize that there isn't much time left. As you begin to scan the years of your life, memories come flooding back. As those memories come, you begin to think how you lived your life, the mistakes made, the times that were great and times that were not so great. You look at the storms and the times of peace. You suddenly realize that God was the person who handed you that number years back. You also realize that God was in all things. You take a moment to thank him for all his grace and goodness to you.

I wonder how does this story end in your mind? We all know that God is not going to hand us a number. But what we do know is that God numbered our days. It says in Psalm 90:12 - "So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom." Have you used your days wisely? Have you used your days to serve God, serve your kids, and serve your spouse? In the storms when God was in it with you, did you depend on him to see you through? Did you act wisely in those times? Did you honor your husband or wife? Did you raise your kids according to what God asked of you?

Friends, I don't want to know what my number is. I want to live my life with all of it struggles, the good, the bad, and the ugly honoring God wisely all the way through. When the storms come, I will cling to my savior knowing he is always in that storm with me. I long to hear the words when I walk into heaven some day... Well done good and faithful servant.

I end the story...

You set the number aside as you realize your days were God's days. Your timing was not your timing, but God's timing. As you are surrounded by your family, you start to see a glimpse here and there of heaven. Maybe God is showing you the loved ones that have gone before you. You close your eyes one last time, one last early breath... As those on earth hand you off to heaven, you see your Lord and Savior and here the words well done my good and faithful servant. Your legacy that you left behind will surpass any number because it was a legacy of Christ.