About me

I am a husband who strives to love his wife with everything he can. I have often said that I want to love my wife more than any other man has loved his wife. That entails, love, honor, respect, and constant working on my marriage.

I started to write this blog for many reasons. I needed an out for my emotions. I needed to come clean about everything I had done. I knew the more I would write, the more I would admit to those of you who read this blog. The more I read my bible, Fireproof, and devotions, the more the Lord showed me certain things about my life. There was a lot. As I prayed about this blog, the Lord revealed to me that I needed to write about exactly what had happened. So I have started to write about that. Honest I do know that there are people who read this blog. Some of you have told me so. I just want you to know that what I share with you is straight from the heart. So please take this from a very greatful man who is appreciative of your prayer and support. It changes things and moves mountains out of the way.

This blog is a story about me (messeduphubby) who made some big mistakes with my marriage, how I treated my wife, and how I turned my back on God. What you will read about is my journey in discovering God's love for me, my wife's love for me. Through this I am discovering a fullfillment in my spiritual life as well as my marriage. What you are simply reading about is a restoration of my life. I did things and ended up in places I never thought I would see or do in my life time. God is truly present and his amazing grace, love, and will for me is the center of my life.